Stay Jugando
[spanglish for stay playing]

A mantra for play and embracing the rite of passage from inner child to creative expression.


Kat “Mango” Hernández is a Cuban-American performer, contact improvisation and creative movement enthusiast, play advocate, young dance maker and graduate from California Institute of the Arts [CalArts].

In 2019, Mango was awarded the Artist Access Grant Program in Miami, FL.
In 2018, Mango was a recipient of the South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship and was in residence at Miami Light Project in Miami, FL as well as Miami Dade College Leaps and Bounds Residency Program.
In 2017, Mango was in residence with DanceMe through Peryperzye Urbane Association in Berlin, Germany.
Mango graduated from CalArts with a BFA in Dance in 2016.


I am fascinated by play, subtle energy and the study of consciousness as dance. I like to create experiences and ethereal worlds. Worlds that may or may not reflect the human condition and are made up of playful and conceptual “games” that lead my performers and I into sacred spaces.

The work is informed by concepts of phenomenology and dance making practices. They tend to take on the life of a multimedia dance theater performance often described as “an ethereal reflection of the human existence” and are experiences that blur between performance, altered states and tasks. Despite a playful process, however, the final tone is usually dark and/or serious.

Other times, the works are installation based or site-specific. During creation, we document via experiential photoshoots and video art where an interest in fashion and design may influence the work.