Stay Jugando
[spanglish for stay playing]

A mantra for play and embracing the rite of passage from inner child to creative expression.


Mango Kat Hernández is a transient being who values play, creative expression, connection and travel.

Mango is a first generation Cuban-American, creative play and movement facilitator, performer, contact improvisation enthusiast, Spanglish singer-songwriter, young dance maker and graduate from California Institute of the Arts [CalArts].


I am fascinated by play, subtle energy and the study of consciousness as dance. I like to create experiences and ethereal worlds. Worlds that may or may not reflect the human condition and are made up of playful and conceptual “games” that lead my performers and I into sacred spaces.

The work is informed by concepts of phenomenology, consciousness studies, dance making practices and every day magic acts that look like walking, breathing, sitting, eating, shitting, sleeping, being.

The work happens regardless of a fancy stage but may sometimes formalize into a dance theater performance and remain curated experiences that blur between performance, altered states and tasks.