Kat Hernández is a Cuban-American performance artist, young emerging choreographer and dance graduate from California Institute of the Arts [CalArts].

Stay Jugando
[spanglish for stay playing]

I stay playing through identity exploration and movement. I propose questions and travel to seek their answers. I write out storyboards and loose fiction narratives to make sense of the inner child.

I play with non-chronological scores and fragmented choreography, I welcome conceptual "games" that lead my performers and I into sacred spaces and I do my best to respect their autonomy.

I almost always play in airy soundscapes composed by electronic sound artists, assemble a creative team to build parallel worlds and like to build safe playgrounds for performers and collaborators to experiment in.

The work reveals itself throughout creation and is informed by concepts of phenomenology and dance making practices. My works usually take on the life of a multimedia dance theater performance often described as “an ethereal reflection of the human existence” and are experiences that blur between performance and task.
Other times, they are installation based or site-specific.

During creation, we document the process via experimental photoshoots and video art where an interest in fashion and design influence the work (see Instagram).