Kat Hernández is a Cuban-American performance artist, young emerging choreographer and dance graduate from California Institute of the Arts [CalArts].

Stay Jugando
[spanglish for stay playing]

A mantra for play and embracing the rite of passage from inner child to creative expression.

From walking a city barefoot for days to rolling in snow for hours, I will show up to a rooftop party (uninvited) and inspire everyone to wiggle or set out on a journey to find the abandoned castle I dream about. I travel frequently to learn new body practices and share them, I love contact jams and music jams, dancing and singing, exploring nature, experimenting with food, giggling a lot. That’s me!

I play with intuition and movement aiming to meet my inner child and other (inner) children in the process. I create work out of these experiences and other times facilitate creative movement workshops to help others embody their imagination. I value curiosity and collaboration so let’s play!

Creative Statement

Inspired by children who jump in puddles, I write out storyboards and loose fiction narratives to make sense of Kat.

Then I play with non-chronological scores, contact improvisation and fragmented choreography, I marry minimalism and athleticism, I propose conceptual "games" that lead my performers and I into sacred spaces and I do my best to respect their autonomy.

I almost always play in airy soundscapes composed by electronic sound artists, assemble a creative team to build parallel worlds and like to build safe creative grounds for performers and collaborators to experiment in.

The work reveals itself throughout creation and is informed by concepts of phenomenology and dance making practices. They tend to take on the life of a multimedia dance theater performance often described as “an ethereal reflection of the human existence” and are experiences that blur between performance and task. Despite a playful process, however, the final tone is usually inky!

Other times, the works are installation based or site-specific.

During creation, we document via experiential photoshoots and video art where an interest in fashion and design influence the work.

You can find a loosely curated visual timeline of my egos and projects on Instagram.

I also welcome and enjoy playing in other theatrical worlds not created by me.
Performance is my favorite kind of play.