Illuminate (2018) 



Inspired by a self-written short sci fi story, Illuminate is a multimedia dance theater performance and parallel world about subtle energy, communication and connection. Four elements join forces to find the fifth.

Directed and choreographed by Kat Hernández
Original music composition by INEF COUPE
Performance by Cheina Ramos, Kayla Castellon, Kat Hernández and Elkey Love
Lighting and costumes by Kat Hernández
Lighting assistance by Kristina Villaverde

Comissioned and supported by Miami Light Project Inc
Premiered June 7-9, 2018 for Here and Now 2018
at the Light Box Goldman Warehouse - Miami, FL

 Special thanks to Miami Light Project staff, Zachary Crumrine, Mario Temes, Samantha Castellanos, Print Giants, Andres Forero, Jacked Nation Gym, Daygee Kwia and Half Full Creative Agency for all of your collaborative efforts in launching Illuminate with me