Marcelle (2017) is a short experimental dance film that premiered at the 2018 experimental berlin film festival and explores the ecstasy and violence inherent to carnal desire. The narrative, based on Bataille's surrealist erotica The Story of the Eye (1930), is a macarbre and tragic portrait of human sexuality. In the original story Marcelle, a young woman - and this film's namesake - is driven to insanity and eventually suicide as she becomes the object of obsession for a young couple committing shocking sex acts. Here the same problematic story is resurrected, but the fetishized plot driver that is Marcelle becomes instead a tragic heroine. 

- aitan


Starring Ida Kati (kat hernandez), a contemporary dancer trained at CalArts, and performer Arturo Montanaro, our protagonists characterise their own interpretation of the story through improvisation. The film therefore portrays the human ability to enact and perform the grotesque. The performances were not rehearsed, but intuitive relatings to the scenario creating a sense of realism and voyeurism for the spectator.

- aitan


Director | Aitan Ebrahimoff
Starring | Ida kati & Arturo Montanaro
Producer | Aitan Ebrahimoff
Cinematography | Aitan Ebrahimoff
Choreography | Kat Hernandez
wardrobe and styling | Kat Hernandez
Production | Aitan Ebrahimoff, Jessica Andrews
Editor | Aitan Ebrahimoff
Original Soundtrack | Cloud Cathedral

premiered at the experimental berlin film festival 2018
in Berlin, germany